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Old Friends Revisited: Sineater – The Audiobook

I’m currently indulging in one of the perks of being an audiobook publisher – I’m listening to SINEATER, by Elizabeth Massie, narrated by Joe Geoffrey.  I read this book a long time ago.  If I recall correctly, it came out first in the UK.  My personal copy was purchased from the author and her agent at a convention like the day it was available.  I read the book, and I loved it, but that was a long time ago.  I’ve changed, and the world has changed.

Now I am listening to that story again, and I’ve fallen in love with it again.  It’s not for the weak at heart.  Missy Campbell and her firre-breathing holy-go-to-meeting clan are too close to home for someone living in rural NC.  There are some very difficult places to get through. Luckily, I have Joe Geoffrey for that…and boy has he brought this book to life.

The beginning is tough – it’s very graphic and very intense.  I fear some people may not get past it, if they don’t know going in what Beth can do with a horror story … but if they do … I can guarantee that the ride is one they will never forget.  The plight of Joel Barker is SO easy to empathize with – ostracized, caught up in beliefs and events he would have nothing to do with, given a choice.  And all the while…lurking in the shadows…his father.  The Sineater.  Avery Barker.

This is a wonderful, suspenseful tale, and told so vividly in this narration that it’s easy to get lost in it and forget that when the drive to work is over, it’s time to step back into the real world.  For any of you who like audiobooks – Beth is a long time Storytellers veteran, and you should really give this one a try.  It is no coincidence that this book won the Bram Stoker Award for best first novel…the amazing thing, once you get into it, is that it WAS her first.

Sorry for this digression into review / etc…but that’s where my head is, and it’s late, and it’s my day to spout off.  I hope you’ll understand.

You can find SINEATER at Audible.com, Simply Audiobooks, or at the Crossroad Press site http://store.crossroadpress.com

Listen to an audio sample…


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